• Katya Lebeque

Prepare for landing: Ash Rising launching soon!

It's time, people!

It is with a great amount of gratitude, a medium-sized amount of pride and a little trepidation that I announce the launch of my very first book on Amazon as of June.

Ash Rising is the story of a strong young woman trying to survive life in what should be a fairy tale... But the end of the world has come to Germania, in the form of man-eating birds made giant and crazed by a failed agricultural experiment.

Nevertheless, there are princes and swords involved, as well as swoon-worthy palaces, a little bit of magick and a lot of trouble.When things turn dark and the blood of those Ash loves covers the land, will she have what it takes to save all who remain?

Find Ash Rising in Kindle stores on Amazon as of 27 June 2018.

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