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It ain't over 'til it's over

Inbox me for a FREE review pack so you can enter the #ash_cameo competition without spending.. details below...

Good morning Ashlings!

Here we I am, it’s the last throes of winter and on the bare bones of my tree outside, little pink buds are starting to flower. It’s a welcome gift that speaks of new beginnings, and also that all good things come to an end…

… But not yet! I’ve had a wonderful response so far to the competition we set up just over a week ago, in which you can win a cameo in Ashes Slowly Fall, the sequel for Ash Rising. One of the main responses I’ve had has been from my fellow South Africans who have contacted me, distraught, because Amazon changing their review policy has meant very few locals can review ($50 spent on Amazon a year is a LOT of money in rands) and they’ve been in contact asking for more time, advice, etc.

And so with a glad heart I’m announcing this morning that the Ash Cameo competition will be extended to end on 9 August instead of 3 August. Yay!

One of the super great #ash_cameo reviews we've had.

For those who don’t know or are new, Ash Rising is a semi-dark fantasy-dystopian mashup that takes the Cinderella story and adds birds a la Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds – at giant sizes. It’s not a retelling – there’s no ‘happily ever after’ equaling marriage here – but it is more a riff on the tropes we put women into, especially Fantasy. And it’s just a fun, short read – fans of My Plain Jane and Cinder will like this one. And, so far, they have.

When I launched my little book, I didn’t quite know what to expect. People self-publish books on Amazon all the time. But when we got over 500 downloads in less than two weeks, I started thinking ‘there’s actually something here.’

Okay, so the algorithms have moved WAY on since this happened in June - but we're still proud of it!

Hence, the #ash_cameo competition was born! I hope you enter, if you haven’t already. If your budget is tight and you'd like a ‘review pack’ of the first few chapters of Ash Rising absolutely free, no problem! Email me at katyalebeque27@gmail.com And if you’d also like to have a synopsis and free first chapter of the sequel to see what you’ll be appearing in, or advice on how to review if the review policy is getting you down, inbox me on the same!

Happy week to you all, and never stop dreaming 😊

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