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How would you like to be a character in a book?

There’s nothing more awesome than getting lost in a good book… except maybe reading it to find you’re a character in that book!

Ashes Slowly Fall, the much-anticipated sequel to Ash Rising, hits the web at Halloween and we’re doing a pretty unique giveaway for Ash Rising while you wait: the chance to have a cameo in sequel Ashes or to win the sequel before it even comes out.

Yes, you read that right – you in a book as a character in the darkly delicious land of Germania, rubbing shoulders with Ash and all the other crazies there. What does it take to win? Simply put a review on Amazon and then notify the Ash Rising team via social media with your name and the username you used to post the review by 3 August. If you’ve reviewed it, see if you can review again. If Amazon’s $50 spend review policy is getting in your way, find a bestie who spends on Amazon on the regular and beg + borrow their account details to get that review in… I mean, how often do you get to appear in a book, right? 

But wait, what if you’ve never read Ash Rising? No problem – just for you, we’ve made Ash Rising a special Ash cameo price on Amazon, discounted way down to $2,29 so you can easily get reading and reviewing as soon as possible.

Now, before you go thinking that you need to say some dishonest, syrupy stuff to win – we’re not about that life. A couple of things we’ll be looking out for are:

•         The funniest review – tell us your honest opinion in a way that makes us laugh

•         The compare-iest review – relate Ash Rising in a surprising comparison to a book, movie or series we would never have thought of, but totally makes sense

•         The biggest review evangelist –have friends review Ash Rising too and get those also reviewing to mention that they heard about Ash Rising from you and you’ll all get prizes, with you taking the cameo spot. This one’s especially for those who have already posted their review on Amazon – go tell the world to review it too! Extra points also for mentions on social media, especially bookstagrams of Ash Rising – we love bookstagrams…

amazing artwork by THE Chloe Smith

So, what will your cameo in Ashes Slowly Fall be? Will you be a post-apocalyptic warrior? Will you get eaten by a carrior, or be a bad-ass emissary from the palace? Who knows? One way to find out…

Here’s the link to go review Ash Rising: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1983106097

Let us know when you’ve reviewed with any of the following:

Insta – A private message on Insta or tag @ash_series with a screenshot or something of your review using #Ash_cameo

Facebook – Post to page Ash Rising and all the Ash things here

Twitter – Tweet to either @ash_series or @katyalebeque using #Ash_cameo

All the best and looking forward to seeing you in fiction!


Ash and all the Ash Rising peoples

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