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Awesome Ash Rising giveaway!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Hey Ashlings! I have some pretty exciting news - something I was hoping I'd be able to do has finally come through - a mega-big Ash Rising giveaway! 

This means that as of Thursday, people with an American account (there isn't an amazon.co.za yet so South Africans should have an American account) will be able to get the ebook of Ash Rising FOR FREE for two days, starting from Thursday this week the 28th June at 9am. 

This is specifically to help get awareness out that extra bit States-side and across social media so, please, as mentioned in my mail yesterday - as mentioned, please share and like on Facebook and whatever other social media affiliations you may have and also please review my Ash Facebook page (if I haven't invited you, just pop me a mail and I'll do so). 

Even more importantly, please recommend to your friend, colleague, neighbour, friendly local teenager, auntie, auntie's dog... Everyone! It's free, so what's there to lose?? This especially goes for anyone you know in America!

Not everyone gets feedback from readers or profits that enable them to try this, so I am extremely grateful to you all for the support. It's been an amazing journey so far: I've had bloggers in London praise the book, librarians in the States engaging with me about it, people in Cape Town asking when it will be in physical bookstores and received whatsapps at all odd hours from people guessing what will happen in the sequel. I am incredibly blessed. 

This is all because of you guys. I love you guys. Thank you. 

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