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Here's to you guys...

Hi everyone!

It’s officially been over 2 weeks since Ash was born - Ash Rising went live on Amazon on 16 June, and it has been a whirlwind since then. Although success is relative, always, I think it has done fantastically well. And that is because of you.

To better illustrate your awesomeness to you, here are some figures:

  • Ash has had over 400 downloads

  • More than 15 people (including complete strangers I've never met before) have come up to me, whatsapped me, emailed me, messaged me on this website and tweeted me saying how much they loved the book. I've even got mails from peeps in London! I've never been to London!

  • According to Facebook, Ash things have reached over 2000 people and more than 200 have been actively talking about Ash Rising on Facebook – that’s not even the other social networks! Yey!

  • During the giveaway last week from 28 to 29 June it climbed into the top 500 free titles on the whole of Amazon

  • It was #1 in Amazon’s YA Dystopian category

  • … And it was #1 in Amazon’s YA Survival Stories

  • … And #3 in YA Sword & Sorcery in the Fantasy category

  • … And it’s now in the top 300 in Amazon’s paid (normal) books in the YA Dystopian category, which is a MUCH bigger deal and I think a pretty competitive niche – think Hunger Games.

All of this is not to say ‘look what a big deal I am’… not at all. You guys know me. I was the kid who got pushed around in corridors until Grade 9! It’s to say this: look what can be accomplished when you have loving, wonderful people behind you. And you guys are just wonderful. Love you all.

Something that has been placed on the radar is potentially doing a birth day party for Ash Rising… What do you guys think? Perhaps a small celebration when we reach the first 500 readers?

Lemme know… I’m always down to party with you guys. Even if it being hosted by that weird girl who got pushed around in corridors in school…

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