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And the winners are...

It’s time to announce the excitement… yay!

The #ash_cameo competition, in which you could win Ash books and your own fine self in Ash Rising’s sequel, has come to a close… Sniff… but now I get to announce the winners!

For those who don’t know, we’re not all about that suck-up life, so the criteria for contest entrants was give an honest, non-sugar-coated review on Amazon and/or compare Ash or Ash Rising to someone or thing we’d never have thought of. So, without further ado, here they are!

Most honest review

The Bookish Vagabond herself

Bookish Vagabond (a.k.a Escapades of a Daydreamer) gave a great, honest review which has netted her a place in the sequel as a cameo character! Yayy! The Vagabond pointed out Ash Rising’s style, storyline, character development, writing style and more in her awesome review… And how cool is it that I get to write somebody with this name?! When she said ‘I couldn’t put it down’ I was so much of happiness all over the place, because this is a serious reader-blogger aficionado y’all. And her best part of the book was that it’s a retelling – me too, Bookish! This is going to sound totally weird because I wrote it, but the fact that it did that surprised me – never thought I’d write a fairy tale retelling. Ain’t life strange…

Most comparey-cool review


Hands down, this went to Tracey Turner. In her amaayze review of Ash Rising she compared Ash to Fiona, saying: ‘she reminded me a little of Fiona in Shrek. Always such a relief when the princess is not a helpless victim waiting to be rescued. Not that Ash is a princess, or a lady. That’s why we like her’. Totes true – in fact, Tracey also raises a damn good point that I actually answer in the sequel (after I read her review I was like ‘phew! That would have been embarrassing…’ lol) in that she asks why other animals haven’t been gigantified like the birds? People reading this are totes going to laugh at me when I say this, but the answer lies in science – specifically, hormones. Stay tuned, Tracey, stay tuned…

How gorgeous is the Escapades of a Daydreamer 'Gram feed??

A little bit about your fearless readers

I met the enigmatic Bookish Vagabond (a.k.a Escapades of a Daydreamer) on Instagram. The woman has a healthy respect for Jane Eyre, which in general in life means you’re a sensible person, and we bonded over her liking the same books in the US as me all the way here in South Africa… only to find she’s totally South African too! This is exactly the kind I was knew to Instagram, my tiny publicity team of all of two people had insisted I get on the ‘gram despite my protests, and I was nervous as heck still (‘guys I’m older than 24, I can’t be in Instagram! People are gonna laugh at me, I’m close to thirty!’) and the amazing coincidence of talking to a ‘Saffer’ half the world away comforted me in ways you wouldn’t believe. For the first time, I felt like Instagram (specifically bookstagram) was one big global family and people weren’t going to laugh at me if I tried sitting at the table.

Tracey, meanwhile, has a heart of gold. As a teacher at Waldorf Kindergarten, she comes face to face with the heart-rending consequences of poverty affecting kids every day, and does so with a smile. Those who live this side (or have at least read The Hate U Give or something) know it’s kind of rare for a ‘white’ girl from a good family to love ‘black’ kids despite all the weird racism crap that still lurks on… She’s amazing. She also gets to live in the totes beautiful Provencal-esque wine country of Stellenbosch, which is only fair because she’s so nice.

Everyone else

What actually touched me most about this competition experience was how many people truly wanted to enter but couldn’t. (Amazon, if you’re reading this, your review policy sucks. Maybe change it in developing countries so people don’t have to spend more than half a thousand bucks every year just to review things they actually bought?) I mean, I had one guy purposefully create an Amazon profile just for this, then purchase five Ash Rising paperbacks just so he could enter… and couldn’t, because he was five cents short. That blows, but it really touched my heart that people tried so hard. I mean, I am no Marissa Meyer or J.K. Rowling people, so if you’re reading this as one of so many that mailed me, phoned me, Facebook messaged me, the many who Insta’d me… thank you. I’m still new in this brave new writing world, I appreciate your support.

This is you.

For this reason, am thinking of doing another smaller scale competition later on that can run for longer – maybe anyone who reviews on Amazon gets the sequel free? What do you guys think?

Have a great Tuesday Ashlings, and don’t forget to read something nice 😊

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