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Read the book journalists are calling "a fresh, twisty tale", "incredibly descriptive" and "a story about the power of hope"...


Is it brave or foolish to find life beautiful at the end of the world?


The apocalypse has come on dark wings to Germania. Mobs pillage & graffiti chateaux while the horrors of the Expansion Project prey on the dead & the living.


As five disparate teens are drawn together to face the end of the world, Ash Rising asks a question few dystopian novels dare: how do we fix it?


For lovers of The Hunger Games and Cinder.


"Incredibly descriptive... Ash Rising is a story about the power of hope."

      - L. Omarjee, Media24




Lebeque is incredibly descriptive in creating Rhodopalais, now a ravaged land. She takes the time to develop each character, making the reader appreciate certain qualities that make them feel like you’ve always known them. Through the eyes of Ash, Lebeque balances harsh scenes of warfare with Ash’s dry sense of humour and moments of “magick” which are big enough to revive dead dreams and drown out Ash’s cynicism.
It is a story about the power of having hope.

- Lameez Omarjee, News24 journalist

A page-turner, breathless, easy to read. I really liked the relationship between Ash and Derrick... thoroughly enjoyed it. 

- Elaine Dodge, author of Harcourt's Mountain

If you like strong female characters and stories that take unexpected turns from the very beginning, read Ash Rising. An incredible debut, Ash Rising takes a well-worn tale and adds numerous new dimensions - a land ruined in an effort to boost the economy, social everydays turned on their heads and people (and nature) turning on each other. From the minute I read the first chapter, I was hooked. Ash herself is a breath of fresh air: a kick-ass heroine that isn't interested in buying into your stereotypes. 
I love how elements of the original Cinderella story come through in unexpected ways, taking an "I remember that part" and placing it in an entirely new context. This is not a re-telling but a total re-arranging that the reading community didn't know it needed. 
Well worth the read and I can't wait to see what happens next!

- Chloe Smith 

What an imaginative read! It’s gripping and entertaining, a real find! I got in trouble reading this at work instead of doing what I was meant to... I can’t wait for the sequel!

- Dee Smit



© 2018 by Katya Lebeque. All rights reserved.

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